Lomo group is an investment and trading company which is engaged in trade and an entrepreneurship in different areas since 2016, first of all in Europe, Asia, China, the CIS and other areas. Our main goal – implementation of safe and high-quality provision of services in the field of consultations on spheres and opportunities of investment. Therefore we first of all are engaged in identification of specific need and interest of the client in investment of funds in this or that sphere. Besides we are engaged in matching of the suitable offer from other sources due to vast experience of a cooperation with different partners in the field of investment. Lomo Group has extensive experience in matching of investment projects of such areas as: real estate, shipbuilding, capital investment and others. Our company will be always glad to consider all your wishes, and also to provide the professional help in a part of acquaintance with all subtleties, considering legal features of the region of investment chosen by you. From the moment of creation we carry out effective objectives among which there is a stability, development and profit at certain markets. A long-term goal of Lomo Group is extension of the professional command of specialists and creation of new offers for our clients and partners who will be diversified both financially, and territorially for the purpose of risk minimization and receipt of bigger benefit.